This week I talk about the adventure race to beat all adventure races. The Eco Challenge: Fiji was filmed over ten episodes and follows 66 teams as they try to traverse 671 kms of Fiji by foot, bike, land and sea! Madness.

Like the flashback episode in any sitcom I took the easy option this week! I recommend some shows to you all, talk about what I've been reading and promote some podcasts from the greatest county in the world: Cork!

On this week's installment I talk about different types of workplace stress, the power of positive thinking and I kill a spider halfway through and decided to leave it in the podcast!

This week I review 80's inspired musical Rock of Ages as well as briedly talk about Netflix's new blockbuster, Project Power. I also controversially reveal my favourite cousin!!!

Today I talk about the highly problematic Flynn brothers from the wildly popular Kissing Booth movies and why this movie should come with a warning sign for young impressionable girls!

Welcome back to Second Breakfast. Today I talk about our favourite friend and worst enemy - the drink! I go into my relationship with drink, what we should tell kids in school to make them aware of the negative aspects of drink and some funny stories of me being rat-arsed all over the globe!

Do you like your films with a helping of heroes fighting against cruel governments? Then you, my friend, might like dystopian movies! Join me as I talk a little bit about one of my favourite genres of film as well as fill you in on my holiday so far!

Let's go to Angel Grove and relive one of our favourite childhood shows! This week I talk about Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, the subsequent movie and a PS1 game that is 'timeless'. Go go Power Rangers!

Hello again and welcome to another rambling podcast! This week I talk about shows that have been cancelled and came back, shows that I want to see brought back and most controversially, shows well past their sell by date! 

Come with me on a journey through the greatest trilogy ever put to paper and transferred to screen! I talk about my favourite movie of the three, the best character in all of Middle Earth and reminisce about some of the funnier moments that die hard fans will love. 

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