Just a brief review of a Netflix Original film, the philosophical questions it fails to answer and the fact that it might just be a bit of good ol' propaganda all in ten minutes!

The Return

The Rambler is back with more film and T.V. reviews for 2021! As always, there's a few meandering tangents that you, the listener, must cross before he gets to his actual reviews including a hot political take, a brief talk about how mentally tough this lockdown is and his obsession with Gillian Jacobs. Listen now!

This week I talk about Moana, Disney +, my terrible Wifi and the weird names I've given the roads of Rathpeacon. I also reviews Onward, a movie about brotherhood, loss and love. Happy listening!

This week I talk to local filmmaker, producer and t.v. star Gerard McAuliffe. We chat about how he got into film, his advice for future filmmakers and his short film 'Handfasting' that is currently showing in the Cork International Film Festival! 

Coming to you two days after Hallowe'en for some reason, I talk about my favourite horror movies despite the fact that I don't like horror moves! Along the way I muse about sleep paralysis, children's books and all the Daltons in the world.

This week I talk about taking a break, what I've been watching and the art of the monologue. Keep an ear out for me and Viggo Mortensen scrapping around Cork City and Meghan Ali's song Far Off Shores at the end :)

This week I talk about two cliché ridden romcoms I recently watched, I make a bold claim about New Girl and Friends, and I let you know which are the best romcoms ever made!

Starting college and a tad nervous? The Rambler gives you tips on how to survive and thrive in tertiary education. As the great scholars of East High high school once said, we're all in this together!

Where should you sit in the cinema? When should you complain about people talking? When is the best time to ask stupid questions at the ticket desk? All this answered and more in this week's episode!

This week I talk about things we may have learned through quarantine, how we should try and focus on ourselves rather than the actions of annoying people and read out your experiences with lockdown!

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